During my stay at University of Washington, I looked into different careers that could be possible with an English degree. For that, I took classes such as film analysis, where I wanted to figure out if I want to go into film criticism. Interestingly enough, my decision for a specific career path didn’t come from classes, but from people I have met during my stay.

One of my roommates’ friend came to visit and told how he was working as a grant writer. The more I looked into this, I realized it would combine my analytical skills and my need to help a bigger cause.

After I came back to Southern Utah University, I changed my direction toward rhetoric and technical writing. Currently, I am working on my technical writing certificate, which I will gain in April 2017. Also, I am participating in an independent study about the history of rhetoric.

Without that experience, I might have never known about this career path, as grant writing or technical writing is not a specialty in Germany.