Seattle is a diverse city and currently sees a growth in the tech industry. Within the city, there are many different districts which all differ from each other. Downtown houses skyscrapers and offers many tourists attractions. University District, where I lived during my stay, contains so many different elements. The University Ave, which leads directly onto the campus, is filled with different restaurants. On a darker note, the University District is also a dangerous area that is filled with drug deals and muggings.

Tourists Attraction + Nature + Politics 

Tourists Attractions

img_4602The Public Market, also called Pike Market, is a favorite tourist attraction. It is by the harbor and filled with vendors, restaurants, and bars.

DSC09013.JPGInside the Pike Market, there are many shops.

DSC08836.JPGTo get to the aquarium, you have to go through the Pike Market and cross a bridge. The aquarium is famous for its octopus, but also houses interesting underwater creatures.

DSC09015.JPGThe entrance of the Pike Market at night.

DSC09076.JPGThe SAM (Seattle Art Museum) can also be found downtown close to the Pike Market.

DSC08076.JPGDowntown Seattle

DSC09990.JPGA little frog relaxing in the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.


Although Seattle is a growing city, it still offers many different ways to enjoy nature.DSC09686.JPGThis photo was taken on the outskirt of the Ravenna Park, which was close to my house.

DSC00075.JPGThe Discovery Park stretches over miles, and it even has a beach.

Politics and Friendship

Seattle is one of the most liberal cities on the pacific north west. Interestingly enough, outside of Seattle, the rest of Washington is extremely conservative and doesn’t share many views the liberal city holds.

In Seattle, every person who is aware of social issues, is actively involved in different movements. One of those hotspots for these movements is definitely the Capitol Hill district. This district is known for its queer friendliness and is the place of the famous rainbow crosswalks.

Before I came to Seattle, I was warned about the “Seattle Freeze.” It basically means that people will be polite, but it is hard to get to know people, as they tend to be distanced. This definitely differs from the Utah culture, where everyone is friendly, smiles at each other on the street, and is inclusive. As I am from a culture that practices that freeze, it wasn’t that hard for me to make friends and have social connections.